Monday, October 31, 2011

All Hallows Eve

I am pretty excited for the first Halloween in our new home. A slight chill in the air will be perfect for all the little kiddos wandering our street as ghosts and goblins. It seems we got a little too busy to do much decorating this year, but my wonderful wife did procure a splendid pumpkin for our front steps.

Saturday, we attended the annual costume party at the home of some friends in Wimberley, TX. I thought I'd be attending the Texas Longhorns football game, so when my co-worker came up short on tickets, I had to improvise:

I was actually given that bottle of water and $0.12. Much obliged.

Another unexpected turn of events: who knew my wife was such a "Witchy Woman"?

Finally, our friend, Jacob, made a pretty convincing G.I. Joe.

I would have taken more photos, but hobos don't typically have digital cameras or iPhones.

Have a fun and safe Halloween!



  1. Haha! Where were you sitting when you got the 12c?

  2. The driveway at the Meadows' house.

  3. That's pretty funny! I was a Mrs. Campbell the teacher for Halloween. ;0) Hey did y'all get rid of the honda??

  4. Dude you're slackin' you need to post!!! ;0) Hope you're having supa fun in New York!!